When that tension just won’t go away…

Maybe the tension has, over the weeks or months or even years, turned into a pattern that makes it hard to turn your head or tie your shoes without discomfort or pain.

Not only does this tension limit your movement, it’s also limiting your life. After all: it’s hard to enjoy life when you’re uncomfortable, in pain, or feeling reactive all the time.

You might have a funny feeling that the whole thing is related to “stress,” that old catch-all label we slap onto any number of things we may not even be aware we are feeling. (Feelings? What feelings!)

Or maybe you are aware, but damn(!) if you know what to do about it!

Whether you pride yourself in being an even-keeled, look-at-the-bright-side person OR you experience yourself as being at the mercy of feelings and things you can’t make heads nor tails of…

Going deeper can help!

Help, as in, less pain. As in, fewer headaches. As in, more ease. As in, less reactive.

And yes, going deeper can also help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, at home in your body, and at ease inside your own dear self. (Because if you can’t feel at home inside yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get comfortable anywhere).

Sure, we can keep addressing the issue at only the physical-body level (says me, Heidi, the #1 biggest fan of massage therapy!), but going deeper is an effective way to help, either as an adjunct to massage or on its very own.

Ready to go deeper? 

Sessions are available remotely –via Skype or FaceTime– from anywhere in the world with internet access. They are also available in-person –at Heidi’s Table in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (If you are wanting to combine Going Deeper with a therapeutic massage (highly recommended!), I suggest booking a 2-hour session, especially if it’s your first time visiting Heidi’s Table.)
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Some things Going Deeper IS and ISN’T

Going deeper isn’t psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. That said, it can be a wonderful adjunct to psychotherapeutic work, especially for those of us who tend to “live in our heads.”

Going deeper is based on Focusing, a process developed by Gene Gendlin of listening to your body in a way that facilitates change that comes from within you: the situation/issue/place of tension itself.

Going deeper isn’t about trying to fix or figure things out. That said, many people find great relief and change happening in relation to the very things they have spent so much energy fighting and trying to fix.

Going deeper is a way to access your body’s very own wisdom and healing.

Going deeper is a process/way of being with and listening, which you can learn and practice on your own outside your sessions with me.

Ready to Go Deeper?

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