I Spy, I Spy (with my little massage therapist’s eye)

My clients amaze me. They learn to drive in their 30’s. They date again after years of being alone. They join a chorus. They learn a new dance and perform it! They quit jobs. They have babies. They have babies in their 40’s. Sometimes the baby thing doesn’t work out after a long time of trying, and somehow they find it in them to go on. They come back after chemo and laugh as they pull their wig off before getting on my table. Sometimes they cry and that amazes me no less. They get divorced after 10, 15, 20 years married. They get up out of bed after job losses, after miscarriages. They learn to walk again after accidents, after surgeries…

Every day I spy amazing acts of courage.

But today I want to tip my hat to an act of courage that might often go unrecognized, but which deserves every bit of hurrah as the amazing things I just listed:

Every time you show up for your life in the most relaxed, undefended and open-hearted way possible, you are practicing a gorgeous act of courage.

You are amazing. I’m not just tipping my hat here, I’m throwing it way up in the air for you.

Our world is a better place for having you in it. Thank you!

Warmly yours,


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  1. Casey says:

    Oh wonderful Heidi, my world is better for having YOU in it.
    Much love,

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