Hi. I’m Heidi, creator and owner of Heidi’s Table.

My work can be described in fancy-pants technical language, but really what I do is touch and listen, and guide people in learning to listen to their own bodies. [For the fancy-pants language description, see HERE.]

When I’m not working, I love mixing things up. Put me in a kitchen with fresh herbs and spices, a mortar and pestle, a good knife, and a cutting board, and I am a happy girl.

Life can be hard. As a sensitive somebody who has, at times, found life more difficult than I thought I could handle, I am all about finding ways to make things easier. And simpler. Ease and simplicity clear the way for joy. (I say “thought I could handle” because it didn’t turn out to be true that I couldn’t handle life. How do I know? Here I am.)

I have crushes on many people —Leonard Cohen, Pablo NerudaMary OliverRilkeRumiT.S. EliotBilly Collins, to name just a few. It excites me no end that my crush list is ever-growing and -changing: there are a thousand and one artists I’ve not yet discovered, a thousand and one things I’ve not yet read, and a thousand and one fantastic songs that at this very moment I don’t even know exist.

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