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Your body. Do you feel at home in it?

When you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, it’s hard to get comfortable anywhere. And when you don’t feel comfortable, it’s hard to settle down and relax. And when you can’t rest, it becomes hard to function, much less enjoy your life.

Hi. I’m Heidi Fischbach. At Heidi’s Table I help you find and return to a sense of ease, wellbeing and comfort within yourself.

Usually it’s discomfort that gets our attention. And usually it’s discomfort of some kind that makes a person schedule their first session with me.

Discomfort can feel physical: a pain in your neck, an ache in your low back, a tightness in your jaw… Discomfort can also feel emotion- or thought-related, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia… Discomfort can also be a sense that you could fly off the handle at any moment. Or a noticing that the sense of meaning you used to take for granted has been nowhere to be found.

Discomfort is rarely all in your body or all in your emotions or psyche. Actually, to label anything as mind OR body can be a misleading distinction, a distinction that can have the effect of closing doors to gorgeous rooms filled with possibility.

“But my discomfort is real!” you might be saying. “It isn’t all in my head!”

Ah, I hear you! I don’t want to underplay any of your discomfort. And you will never hear me saying anything to the effect that psychic pain is “all in your head.” And I find it very unfortunate that we are so primed to hear judgment at the mere suggestion that discomfort in our heads is not just as worthy of help and empathy as, say, a broken arm. But that’s for another time! For now, let me say this about that:

Even if that pain in your neck came about suddenly and entirely because of, say, a freak car accident, there are ways in which your emotional and thought-reactions very likely tightened around the original event of the accident, making it hard for your neck/body to return to the ease and safety that make feeling comfortable possible.

Work with me

My approach is unique and tailored just to you. With 15 years of training and experience, I draw from a handful of my favorite tried and true modalities of treatment including muscular therapy/therapeutic massage and Focusing, a process that helps people go deeper in order to access their body’s own wisdom to release the more underlying and sometimes subtle reasons for their tension.

At end of a session, my clients feel more relaxed, calm, and able to rest. They often report feeling less pain and discomfort than when they came in. And when they come back for their next session they often tell me about the ongoing effects of our last session together: how that headache they’d had for a week went away, how they slept better, how they were able to show up for that really hard thing feeling grounded and more clear… (Read what people love about working with me, in their own words, HERE.)

At home in your body, at home in the world!

Schedule your session HERE. Find out what is possible for YOU when you feel at home and at ease inside yourself!

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Heidi Fischbach, EdM, LMT, holds a masters degree from Harvard University (Ed.M., 1999), and an advanced professional certificate from the Muscular Therapy Institute (MTI) in Cambridge, Massachusetts (900-hour program, 2005). She is an Inner Relationship Focusing guide (completed 5 levels of basic training, and numerous advanced workshops), a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA, since 2005); is licensed and nationally certified in therapeutic massage through the NCBTMB; and a graduate of The School for the Work of Byron Katie (2001). Over the years she has also continued her education and training in numerous advanced workshops, most recently in working with clients who’ve experienced trauma.








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