Wanted: A life.

Too much info not enough ear
Too much bony not enough rear

Too much quiet not enough shout
Not enough action too much doubt

Too much air and not enough ground
Too much square not enough round

Too much look and not enough find
Not enough body far too much mind

Too much chair and not enough run
Too much laptop not enough fun

Too much keyboard not enough page
Too much screen and not enough stage

Too much restless not enough fill
Too much careful not enough kill

Too much edge and not enough dive
Too much dead and not enough ‘live

Too much water not enough wine
Too much popcorn not enough dine

Too much in and not enough out
Too much teapot not enough spout

Too much worry not enough play
Too much bed and not enough hay

Too much navy not enough red
Too much ancient not enough dead

Too much gravy not enough blood
Too much cleanly not enough mud

Too much cover not enough bare
Too much careful not enough dare

Too much waiting not enough move
Not enough silly too much brood

Too much mild not enough spice
Not enough badass far too much nice.

5 Responses to Wanted: A life.

  1. Tatty Franey says:

    This is so wonderful, dear Heidi, so so wonderful…. I printed a copy and will carry with me everywhere, for inspiration, as a reminder that I can always up the badassness :)

  2. Heidi Fischbach says:

    I love that it moved you, Tatty! And that it’s inspiring you to badassery. By the way, I’m doing a Tribal belly dance class taught by my friend Cecile Carr (http://ombellyco.com). She’s one of my FB friends, by the way. I wish the two of you to meet! Belly dancing is one of my little badasseries. It might not be to everyone, but it is from whence I come ;)

  3. Tatty Franey says:

    oh heidi that is so exciting :) nothing is more badass than a tribal bellydancer ;)

  4. Chris Zydel says:

    Dear Heidi,

    I just adore you! And this is FABULOUS!! You are an amazing writer and a powerful poetess!!

    Thanks for your inspiring words.

    Big hugs lots of love,

  5. Steve says:

    "Too much restless and not enough fill." Thank you for that. It’s what I needed to hear today, a day when I felt spread thin. This poem could be a song, some sort of existential, far-out blues.

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