On magic potions and getting through the holidays. Have a listen!

Last week my friend, channeling the voice of Maggie Smith and going by the name of Jean McGillicuddy, interviewed me about magic potions, what’s in them, why I make them, and about a Care Package I’ve made to help you get through this kuh-rayzee time of year.

We had great fun. I hope you enjoy listening! (Click on the Play button)

Heidi Fischbach from Aardvark Essentials
on magic potions and getting through the holidays

[haiku url=”http://heidistable.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Heidi-Fischbach-from-Aardvark-Essentials.mp3″ title=”Getting through the holidays”]

To get your very own Care Package, go here:


(Even though Jean McGillicuddy is not my friend’s real name –she’s a bit shy– and even though LMNO is not a real radio station, I can assure you that everything in the interview is as I say. Well, OK, the elephant’s hoof on my chest? Metaphorical. But then, you knew that, right?)

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