Yipee! An aardvark potion contest! And you can play!

People, do we have news for you!

Mr. Aardvark, of Aardvark Essentials thank you very much, hereby announces his upcoming partnership with the fear-taming and inspiration-igniting, Shannon Wilkinson. We couldn’t be more excited. (The aardvark has been secretly crushing on Shannon for awhile, truth be told. Don’t tell him I told you. He’s a bit shy.)

What exactly will this partnership bring you?

You know those potions that you love? Well, those very potions will soon be available accompanied by downloadable audios, custom-made for each potion, to help you ignite potion-magics inside yourself in the zippy, subtle and super-charged places where body and mind get it on and things can’t help but change.

I, for one, am crazy-excited about this. It’s something I’ve been wanting for awhile, and being able to partner up with Shannon, is a perfect blend of superpowers: potion-y magics from the Aardvark, and audio-magic-coachings from a life coach. (Shannon is @shannonmv on twitter.)

Yay! What else?

What else indeed! We need your help.

Please vote and help us pick 3 potions:

what potion(s) would you like to see accompanied by an inspiration-igniting audio?

Maybe it’s your favorite potion, the one you keep telling me you’re addicted to… Maybe it’s the one that keeps you from losing it… Or the one that helps you love yourself up without a sugar hangover… Or maybe it’s the one you keep hearing people talk about, have been dying to try, and just haven’t gotten around to yet… Yup, that’s the one! Or maybe it’s plural, because yes, you can pick up to 3 potions.

And too? Get this!: By voting you get entered into a drawing to win prizes.

YAY! Prizes! Like what?

Grand Prize (1 winner): All-potion 1/2 oz. sampler set PLUS 3 audios (value of US$136)

Great Prizes (2 winners): 1/2 oz. ea. of 3 winning potions PLUS accompanying audios (value of US$80)

YAY! Can’t wait. How do I vote?


Thing 1 (essential). Post a comment to this blog post (by Tuesday, 13 July at noon PT/3pm ET). Have fun and play. Get creative! But make sure your comment includes the name(s) of up to 3 potion(s) you want.

Maybe you’ll write a love note… Or a thank you note… Or a little poem or ditty. Or a haiku.

Something like: “Dear Mr. Aardvark, I’m writing to ask you for Sassypants’ hand in marriage. She’s a hottie. And she keeps me cool. I can’t live without her. Love, HeadOverHeels”

Or: “Dear Mr. Aardvark, thank you for helping me with that online dating thing. Oof! Dating  ain’t for wimps. Every time I go on a date I put “Losing It” on my legs (to keep me grounded), “Chocolita” on my arms (to help me love myself even if the guy turns out to be a cabbage head) and “Night Queen” on my face and neck (in case of a kiss *ahem*) Love, DatingIn2010″

Of course, you could just keep it zen and simple by naming the potion straight up, no frills.

“Ease, Please!”

It’s all good. But whatever you do, DO name the potion(s). Because that will be your vote and constitutes one entry in the prize drawing.

One entry? Can I get more than one entry?


Thing 2 (optional). To get yourself 2 entries, talk up and link to our contest (full link: http://heidistable.com/potion-contest/ OR short link: http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN). Help us get the word out to your people! You know your ways… twitter, facebook, your blog, your knitting forum, your eat-watermelon-naked-in-the-heat-wave-group, or plain old fashioned email…

IMPORTANT: Be sure to link to this blog entry and copy us so we know to give you 2 entries. (On twitter, mention @aardvarkpotions. On Facebook, @Aardvark-Essentials)

Here’s examples of tweets (feel free to copy and paste)

  • “Oooh! @aardvarkpotions is running a contest. With prizes! I just voted for Night Queen. http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN”
  • “Get out the @aardvarkpotions vote! Check it out: http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN”
  • “I want to marry Sassypants. That’s who I voted for. http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN” @aardvarkpotions”
  • “Potions, magics and prizes from @aardvarkpotions… I just voted for Chocolita! http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN”
  • “What’s your fave potion? @aardvarkpotions is throwing a contest! Vote soon. http://wp.me/pM6yX-nN”

The not-small print:

– You may vote for up to 3 potions in your comment, and you may talk us up like crazy to your people (*mwah!*), but you may only win once.

– Winners will be picked at random. (Shannon and I will do the electronic equivalent of drawing names from a magic hat).

– You can vote even if you’ve never tried a potion in person.

– Friends and family members of Mr. Aardvark, Heidi and Shannon, may most certainly participate.

– International entries are welcome.

– Comments will close on Tuesday, 13 July, noon PT/3pm ET.

– Winners will be announced right here on the Heidi’s blog on Friday, 16 July. (Sign up if you want to receive an email when Heidi posts a new blog entry. Or, subscribe in a reader. If you follow @aardvarkpotions on twitter, we’ll also send you a DM).

Sooooo… Which of the following potions would you like to see win?

Night Queen
Cha Cha Chai
Ease, Please!
I’ve Had It!
Losing It
Up & at ’em!

OK. Off you go then. Get out the vote!

Big thank yous. Much joy. *mwha!* *slobbery aardvark kisses*

43 Responses to Yipee! An aardvark potion contest! And you can play!

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  2. Jennifer says:

    Ease, Please.
    Nuff said.
    PS: I also Tweeted.

  3. JoVE says:

    Losing it is my go to potion for achey backs, stiff neck, etc. A headache calming audio to go with it would be wonderful.

    Cha Cha Chai is also fabulous. A get and go audio to go with that get up and go scent… mmm.

    And Sassypants! she sounds soooo exciting. I LOVE spicy :-)
    JoVE recently posted..Making difficult decisionsMy Profile

  4. Amy Crook says:

    I really like Cha Cha Chai for when I need a pick-me-up and I don’t want to rely on more caffeine.

    But I also have to vote for I’ve Had It! because it’s just so soothing and energizing all at once.

    I always was bad at picking favourites! ;)
    Amy Crook recently posted..Blood From a StoneMy Profile

  5. Jessica says:

    I’ve had it :)

  6. Oh god YES! Send me some ease, please Mr. Aardvark, because I might be just about losing it!

    Rebecca Leigh recently posted..I’ve been called out by Danielle LaPorteMy Profile

  7. How could I resist? I would like to see audio accompany Sassypants, Night Queen, and Losing It, if only because I simply must know what audio would go with those! :)
    Chris Anthony recently posted..Guest post- Personalized notes and rococo limericksMy Profile

  8. […] This post was Twitted by delightineer […]

  9. Eileen says:

    Oh man, Losing. It. Yep, that’s my fave ;)

  10. […] the Third: The cool and amazing Heidi Fischbach is doing a giveaway of her potions and some audio stuff, and if you’re into that stuff at all, you should go over […]

  11. misty says:

    I think Cha Cha Chai and Losing It. Just cause.
    misty recently posted..Picture of the Day- HappyMy Profile

  12. kat miller says:

    Night Queen, Loosing It, and I Have Had it, will take care of me just fine… I love the inside outside combo of the two of you!

  13. Josiane says:

    I *love* that you and Shannon are doing this together! You both are working magic, and I can easily imagine the wonderfulness that these combos will be.

    It’s pretty hard to limit myself to three choices when you have eight potions that sound (and certainly smell!) delightful, but since I have to… My vote goes to Cha Cha Chai, Sassypants, and I’ve had it!

  14. Heidi says:

    What the pumpkin?! I’m a Night Queen, but I think I’m losing it ;)
    Heidi recently posted..Discovering where the line ends and Sovereignty beginsMy Profile

  15. Jessica says:

    Oh Mr. Aardvark! I am way excited about this because I LOVE Losing It. My older daughter loves Chocolita and my younger daughter loves Night Queen. So being able to vote for three potions is ever so perfect for our little family. We love potions, we love audio stuff, we love you!
    Jessica recently posted..The Happiness PlanMy Profile

  16. Pam Belding says:

    I am completely smitten with my Sassypants cream!! She came with me during an on-camera interview yesterday and totally helped me ROCK it!!!! Sassypants, I love you!!

  17. Jessica Frey says:

    Cha Cha Chai
    and Night Queen ’cause I want to be a sultry minx!

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  19. Tara says:

    I adore cha-cha-chai. Even my so-manly husband loves it (secretly).
    Tara recently posted..How Right People changed My BusinessMy Profile

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tara Swiger. Tara Swiger said: Yipee!@aardvarkpotions is having a contest, where you can win delicious potions (for emotions!), just by *voting*! http://bit.ly/bB0A3C #yum […]

  21. Sarah Hamilton says:

    My first choice would undoubtedly be Night Queen, a much needed bit of love in a recent time of need. Second choice would be Ease Please for a helping hand with headaches. Sassypants for a new addition I’d like to try.

    With excitement and love,

  22. I would love an audio for I’ve Had It.

    An audio for Ease, Please would also be wonderful.

    PS-I just tweeted up the Aardvark :)
    Cranky Fibro Girl recently posted..The Good ExampleMy Profile

  23. bett says:

    Dear Mr Aardvark, Heidi & Shannon,

    ‘Night Queen’ is requesting some ‘Ease Please’ because she is ‘Losing It’.

    sending peace your way. bett

  24. Danielle says:

    Ease, please! and I’ve Had It. :)

  25. Julie says:

    Oh, definitely Night Queen. The very IDEA of an audio for her makes me swoooooooon.
    Julie recently posted..The right penMy Profile

  26. Yael Grauer says:

    OMG, so hard to choose!!! Sassypants, for sure. And Losing It, providing that it can be used for when you ACTUALLY lose things (like your keys…hahaha). And then Up + At ‘Em. Chocolita, of course, is a close 4th.
    Yael Grauer recently posted..Monkeys-My Profile

  27. Grace says:

    What! No one’s voted for my absolute favourite, Up & At ‘Em?

    How can this be?

    I guess I maintain my reputation for being slightly strange!
    Grace recently posted..Perspectives on problemsMy Profile

  28. Shimmer Geek says:

    Oooh yay!

    I love “Lotions and potions for mixed up emotions” it has a lovely feel to the words!

    Up and at ’em!
    Cha Cha Chai
    Night Queen

    Sound like the perfect mix to get up and get moving towards achieving passions prettily! <3

  29. Alexia says:

    Up & at ‘em!
    because some days not even an entire pot of coffee can get me going…

  30. bridget says:

    I have a big heart for Sassypants…and I think that Mr. Aardvark is just the chap to woo her.
    Love all of your potions and wish you the best.
    Tweeting this too!
    bridget recently posted..Top 21 Ways I use my Intuition…and how do you use yoursMy Profile

  31. Leah says:

    oo, I’d love some Ease, Please in my life. Yesireebob.
    Leah recently posted..Creative Every Day Check-In- July 12 -8211 18My Profile

  32. Cairene says:

    Contest! Yay!

    I’m voting for Up & At ‘Em and Cha Cha Chai – the best friends of Bite the Candy and generally getting things done.

    And Chocolita for a restorative bit of yumminess afterward.
    Cairene recently posted..Weekend Safety NetMy Profile

  33. emilylime says:

    Apparently I need some help calming down and dealing! My votes are for Ease, Please; Losing It! And I’ve Had It.

  34. Jane says:

    Decisions like this are so very difficult!
    I’ve Had It! needs a soundtrack
    Chocolita is so delicious
    And I just had a massage with the new, very fun Sassypants this past week, so I would vote for a lime and cardamom and coriander audio version of that as well.
    They’re all great so this is a win-win contest!

  35. Char Brooks says:

    losing it with ease please! or the other way around.

  36. DivineGigi says:


    if you are droopy
    feeling styleless? pantless?
    have sassy, be pants

    “Ease Please”

    NO ENOUGH! Ease please!

    Thank you. I’m out of Haikus.

  37. Karencita says:

    Although I haven’t had the pleasure of being swept away by the oh-so handsome Mr. Aardvark (yet!)… I would sooooo like to be Queen of the Night. Night Queen gets my vote … followed by Cha Cha Chai (so we can dance the royal night away).

  38. Marie Tapper says:

    Oooh, being an incessantly curious soul with a twinkle in my eye, I instantly wanted to know what kind of audio you’d dream up for Night Queen… ;-)

  39. christina says:

    night queen
    sassy pants
    cha cha chai


  40. Elizabeth B says:

    Sassypants (oooh, wants!)
    Up & at’em
    Cha cha chai

  41. maria says:

    Ease, please for me.

  42. Briana says:


    And some Chocolita, please!

    Briana recently posted..Go time Finally And yay-My Profile

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