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Another take on taking for granted

It’s easy to notice things when they’ve gone kaflooey, when they’re, somehow, off. Like public transportation, for example, when it’s so crowded you can barely move and it’s hard to breathe. Or when there is a disabled car on the line up ahead and you are stopped, indefinitely, in a tunnel underground somewhere in the middle of who-knows-exactly-where. StoopidRedLine, you may mutter under your breath.

But on the days that the subway or the bus gets you places without a hitch? You get to take it for granted. La la la, oh yeah, the Red Line? The 77? Yep, I take it to work and home every day. I don’t have to park a car. I get to read. I get to eavesdrop on interesting conversations. I get to find out what that lady who can’t stop laughing is reading.

It’s easy to notice a relationship when you’re having a disagreement. You notice how she didn’t look at you. Or, maybe, how she did. You notice how he’s not calling you by that sweetly irreverent name like he used to. Or maybe he’s not calling at all. You miss him, and you feel something snag in the vicinity of your heart. Ow.

But all those other days when you roll over and there he is in all his adorable flesh-n-bones-ness? Those times he calls your name like a line from his favorite song, the one he hums when he’s content? Or when the sight of her makes you grin like a happy fool? Ahh. You get to take this person for granted. Mmm…

It’s easy to notice your body when something hurts. Like when that pain in your neck made you stop short just now when you tried to turn, apparently too quickly, to the right. Or maybe you were bending to pull on your shoes, only to feel your low back seize up and, oh noes! Now it’s hard to stand up straight and you wonder, “is this what they call putting out your back?” Whatever it’s called, it hurts.

But on all those other days when you get out of bed and brush your teeth and lace up your shoes without a second thought? Body? Oh, body! It bends and straightens, turns and returns, stops short and starts up again without a second thought. Not to mention your breathing, which, most of the time keeps happening without any thought or effort on your part. You get to take it for granted.

Right now I’m getting to take for granted this chair, that string of lights, toes, bendy hips, arms, how comfortable it is to have my feet up on the yellow and white looks-handmade-but-turns-out-to-be-from-“just IKEA” bedspread, the empty frame, the sprigs of lavender, the support of the ground, the pull of gravity toward that same solid ground when my thoughts start twirling away a bit anxiously, this here breath, that sigh, and one thing that is so very new that I have not yet had much of a chance to take it for granted: my new office! I love it.

You? Is there something you get to take for granted? How sweet of for you to notice.

New digs for Heidi’s Table

Check out my new digs! And my extended office hours!

Book now and enjoy 15% off your first session at my new office at 2464 Mass Ave in North Cambridge. You may also schedule by email or by calling 617.564.3434. Get yourself on my schedule during the month of January (even if your appointment isn’t until February) to enjoy the discount.

Make an Online Appointment

Or by email

Or phone 617.564.3434

Easy access: driving, bus or subway. Right on the 77 bus line; an easy 10-minute walk on the community bike path from the Davis Square red line stop; and, on-street, metered parking (free after 6 PM).

Heidi’s Table is now open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Can’t wait to see you!



P.S. Please share my news with your friends. (Thank you!)

Note: Discount only valid for first session at 2464 Mass Ave in North Cambridge location. Discount cannot be applied to a 5-hour massage series, but if you already are using a series, feel free to extend your first session at my new office by 15 minutes, on me.

Summertime! A song (AND a secret code)

It’s Summer. My favorite! Fresh mint tea cooling in a glass pitcher, purple-blue skies at dusk, basketballs bouncing well into the night in city parks, evening breezes, whirring fans, dragonflies, Hydrangeas, fresh herbs, kids squealing in the fountain, farmer’s markets, favorite sandals, favorite shirts and favorite skirts (easiest time of year to get dressed!), raised bed gardens, tomatoes, corn, watermelon… Dear Summertime, please stay for a long long time!

This morning I woke up feeling somewhat discombobulated and un-rooted, which quickly became noodgey and anxious. It could have to do with the packing boxes that surround me (I’m moving apartments) and all the transitioning going on, but I wasn’t sure. After panicking and tightening around the discomfort –often my first response– I took a moment to sense into what it actually was, rather than what I assumed it was. I also wanted to find out what the discomfort was wanting for me. (Have you noticed? Discomforts in our bodies are valuable clues to something needed, something wanted.)

Very quickly my body let me know that it wanted fresh air. (I could do that.) And movement. (OK. Also doable). Specifically, my body wanted me off my butt and at the park for a run before it got too hot, when it probably knew that I’d say, “but it’s too hot.” (Alright then!)

When I sensed in the more subtle and what are often emotion-related inner places (throat, chest and belly), I sensed that I want comfort. I invited my body to let me know what that would feel like, look like, this comfort…

“Ahhh,” it sighed, and then it showed me that comfort would be like a hand on the back, a there-there, a good meal, a glass of water, a sense of closeness and connection to myself and to important people in my life.

“Wait!” Apparently it wasn’t done! Also it wanted… It seemed a bit shy about this one so I put my ear closer. “A song,” it whispered, “a song sung softly.”

No matter how young or old we are, sometimes we all could use a lullaby, a there-there darlin’ everything’s going to be OK, a don’t you worry, I’ve got your back! And so, when I walked home from the park, I sang us a little Summertime song and recorded it on my smart little iPhone. (Link below).

How about you? Are you experiencing some discomfort today? Hmmm… whatever might it be about! Whatever might it be wanting for you… Why not pull up a chair and give it a listen. You may be surprised by what you hear!

Heidi’s Table is very much open and I’d love to see you on it! Let me help you with that pain in the neck… Or maybe what you’ve got yourself is a pain in the butt… Or maybe you’re looking to be quietly tended and taken care of for an hour. Or maybe your head’s been feeling heavy and you’d like me to hold it for awhile… Whatever your reason, I look forward to seeing you.

Now comes the secret code bit, OK? Gather ’round: When you contact me to set up your session, mention the secret password “Summertime” at any point in the message, and I will delightedly add an extra 15 minutes (on me) onto your 60- or 75-minute massage!

Mmmmm… more massage, yes please!

Can’t wait to see you. My office days are Thursdays and Fridays (9 AM – 8 PM) and Saturdays (9 AM – 1 PM). (I still have openings tomorrow, Friday, and one on Saturday at 10 AM)

Happy Summertime!



P.S. If you’re from these parts, do you recognize where I was walking while I sang the Summertime song?

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