A Month of Living Curiously

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Curious? Read a few things past participants of A Month of Living Curiously had to say…

“Thank you so much for unleashing this life-enhancing curiousity-bomb on the planet. It was an inspired act of creativity. And I’m so fortunate and glad to have been able to be part of it.” -Tom Larkin in Ireland

“I love your sense of humour, your timing, your sense of story, your ability to create suspense, mystery, and your playfulness in A Month of Living Curiously. What a great combo! And all the while tickling the reader to delve into their own story, to look at things differently and, of course, be curious.” -Judy Archer, Ontario, Canada

“I absolutely loved your *A Month Of Living Curiously* — from the conception to the title on through to the whole experience. (I have actually not read the last day yet, as I am savoring it for a time I can settle in with it.) You have a grace and loveliness in your writing that is delightfully infectious and opening. And it’s a combination of a million things that all work perfectly together. As I said to you outside Whole Foods –brilliant!!! You go, girl!”-Anne Starr, Somerville, Massachusetts

“I really like your ‘wonderland character’-ish way of inviting curiosity. It’s a little bit like a conversation with the Cheshire cat or the caterpillar on the mushroom. I enjoy that quality! It gives me courage to develop the same qualities in my own conversation when I want to invite imaginative explorations.” -A. Walker, Boston, MA

“I must tell you that your letters were just wonderful and I was curious of every day to read a new one. Although I often didn’t have time to pause enough with your words, something in my life changed: it is above all something about my attitude that permitted me, for example, to be creative in a time where I had felt blocked to do anything.” -Béatrice Bibbia in Switzerland

“Heidi has created a remarkable experience of *A Month of Living Curiously*: part novel, part self-help book, part close friend, part revelation… I can’t describe it. I just know that for the month I did it, I got an email almost every day from Heidi, and that email helped me pause, slow down, and become aware. That email helped me start with a block–what she calls “that thing you want to change”–and from there, change my life.” -Ann Weiser Cornell, Oakland, California

I love your writing style–you remind me of Anne Lamott–love your ability to see life with eyes open and humor! -Curious friend in Lexington, Virginia

“I’m enjoying receiving your emails! Your missive today made me think about your style of writing: personal, light, witty, and insightful. I’m not ready to anoint you quite yet, but your writing has definite flavourings of Anne Lamott.” -PC Billon, Montréal, Canada

“I love getting these treasures!” -Curious friend in Berkeley, CA

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